Sunday, March 19, 2017

The sad truth

It is so sad to know that when the so called profesional anonymously bashing, attacking and humiliating other profesional publicly.

It is so annoying to see muslims accusing others on something without asking personally or discussing through proper channel in this fast moving hi-tech 21st century.

If they are really sincere and have good intention why they are not doing it profesionally and ethically?

They are doing it anonymously to secure their job, but have they ever thought that due to their act it will ruin other people reputation, career, families, colleagues, company etc?

If their accusation is true than that people should admit their mistake and stop with whatever they are doing currenly.
But what if their accusation is false???

Life is a cycle...
Allah is fair to all of his slaves
What you did you will get it back
What goes around comes around
If you ruin other people life due to your rushing act
It may happens to you as well...
If it is not may happen to your family

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