Sunday, July 22, 2018

Leftover food for weekend

On saturday
Semangat waja nak kemas rumah dan office
Unfortunately as usual I do not make it 😅...
Just arranged my shawls properly
Arranged my shoping stuff etc
And calculated financial budget 😅

Owh I even searched online info regarding new laptop as well as discussed with my bro via whatsapp and the seller via FB/WA. I had trouble to decide whether to keep my one year old laptop with good spec such as i7 7th gen and weighted only 1.58kg and to buy for someone for budget less than RM2.5k or to just give that one yo laptop to that someone and buy the new one that I have to top up for RM1100 only. If I were to buy the new hard to choose too....the cross between the performance and durability or the sleek, thin and light design. This really made me stress out 😰😰😰😰....

Anyway regardless of that, eating is akways my priority 😅....For lunch I had leftover laksa that I packed from our wednesday event

For dinner I had masak lemak nenas+ikan masin that I bought on friday 2 weeks ago 😅....

This morning, I just cleared up the utility room. I wanted to cook breakfast. Unfortunately my gas stove can't be light up 😭😭😭😭 after another. So I just had biscuits and leftover kuih talam for brekky...

Next I should handwashing my delicate clothes and later off to office to clear up my one year messy office 😰😰😰...No more postponing ok !!!!

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