Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Pagi semalam no matter how bangun awal, sesudahnya tak terbuat juga tugas update dokumen for my customers. I got 8am meeting with my customers...normallah monday blues terasa lesu dan haywired, lagi2 bila customers ramai buat muka dan kurang beri respon.

Around 10am I serahkan another documents to my colleague. Luckily sorang tu boleh bila yg sorang tu masih di rumah.

Then rushed to my office to update/edit the meeting report for my boss. I just thought that he did not prepare the report. He just everyone to send him all the activities and compile it...That can be explained from arrangement of the activities that not according to the prioprity and the important. Itulah dia ada kalanya I am disagree with my boss's way of handling important matters. But when he asked me to do something I will do it properly and sincerely...I am happy if I saw the better version and proper report. Yes, sometimes I got the bad feeling like why do I have to do all that while he can freely finding outside money or other work that value added to his CV. When I was at his position I sacrified a lot for the unit until I was sick and my career path stucked. I never ask anyone to do similar task, never let my colleagues struggling and panicking to prepare important/urgent documents for submission/audit while I was away for external paid work, never frequently ask my colleague to be my representative for meeting etc. Surprising he always get away with it...Wonder why the big boss never warned him. That is why he keep on doing all these...Anyway when he asked me to do something I can't ignore it or just do it improperly because that is NOT ME 😅.....Berapa kali nak ulang pasal ni da...😅😅😅😅

Then my colleagues came...Alhamdulillah, ada rezeki to dig in something that I have been craving for so long...

Around 11.40 I rushed to the apartment since the tenant left her keys in her room. Why la baju yg dah terjemur di bawah kipas since Saturday masih di biar di ruang tamu. Takkan tak kering lagi. Tak bolehkah tolak tepi. Hello korang tu perempuan kan. Dah tau I nak datang, takde rasa malu ke dik??? Pulak tu complained lampu living room rosak. Fahamlah mereka just staying there for about 2 weeks. Tapi yg tinggal lama di rumah tu awatlah sonyap sunyi 😠

Then pi beli food for lunch, balik rumah n update sikit2 dokumen for customers. 2pm meeting lagi, sambil2 tu update juga that documents. After 4pm continued doing that in my office. Need to add new part 😭😭😭. Susah nak faham, so perlu fokus. Bila ada banyak sumber, jadi pening 😂😂😂....So ordered dominos pizza, went home and continued with the work at homelah 😅😅😅.....Alhamdulillah done adding/editing the document by 1.30am kot....Tenet jap and zzzzzz....

So today this is my brekky...dominos leftover

Oklah...nak siap pi keroje...

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