Saturday, June 18, 2011

No pig material

Apakah? Ingat tak haritu aku cakap aku dapat aud100 kalau aku transfer minimum aud500 from Mek NAB to Pokcik Commonwealth. So nak buat apa dengan duit tu? Hush puppies ku bakal menjadi mulut buaya, maka perlu lah pengganti sebagai langkah berjaga-jaga ;))

Owh kasut rupanya :P, dapat beli dengan harga aud67 coz my friend also bought the same design but different size, of course. Elok jugak ada label ini. Tak sia2 aku asyik ulang ke outlet ni since last year asking about the material. And normally before leaving the store I told the shop assistant that I really like the design of their shoes but unfortunately I'm allergic to pig skin hehehee. Serious aku suka tengok their leather boots and sandals, tapi selalunya memang ada bintik 3 tuh. Harituh baca news, kesian pulak, nak tutup banyak cawangan rupanya. I just copy paste the news from this source.

1000-plus jobs to go in Colorado closures

More than 1000 people are set to lose their jobs as 140 outlets of the Colorado clothing group close in a major restructure.

The receivers of the Colorado Group, Ferrier Hodgson, say 100 underperforming Colorado stores in Australia will shut, along with nine Colorado stores in New Zealand, 21 Williams stores, seven Mathers stores, two JAG stores and one Diana Ferrari store.

Ferrier Hodgson's Brendan Richards said 1042 people would lose their jobs.

"The restructure of the group would eliminate the loss-making Colorado-branded stores and those other stores impacting on the profitability of the group," Mr Richards said in a statement on Tuesday.

"The remaining brands and stores are all profitable and would form the cornerstone of the future business."

Mr Richards said the group was expected to generate earnings of about $19 million in 2011, and, following store closures, would become significantly more profitable.

No further store closures are anticipated.

Colorado-branded footwear will still be sold online and through 200 Mathers and Williams outlets.

The debt-ridden Colorado Group was placed in administration in March after lenders rejected a proposal to allow it to continue trading.

Colorado, which owes about $400 million to a syndicate of 18 financiers, has 434 stores across Australia and New Zealand and 3800 staff.

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