Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sesuka hati je depa kutuk negara kita

Semalam, masa dok tunggu masterchef Australia, aku tengok la 7pm project final part. Terkejut depa sebut Malaysia. Dah agak mesti pasal isu pencari perlindungan vs pelarian. Tapi sakit hati bila orang tu cakap "Malaysia probably is the worst place that you can send anybody as a refugee......Nightmare shadow world with no legal right"

Nak tahu cerita sebenar sila tonton video nih,

atau klik link ini. http://7pmproject.com.au/video.htm?movideo_p=39696&movideo_m=115189

Kebetulan pulak hari Ahad baru ni terbaca di Harian Metro :From http://www.hmetro.com.my/articles/JurucakapimigresenpembangkangAustraliaharaptemuipegawaiMalaysia/Article/artikelMA

MELBOURNE: Jurucakap imigresen pembangkang Australia Scott Morrison, yang berada di Kuala Lumpur selama empat hari, berkata beliau berharap untuk bertemu dengan pegawai-pegawai Malaysia esok, bila beliau melawat pusat tahanan pelarian di Semenyih, Selangor.

Perdana Menteri Julia Gillard mengumumkan rancangan untuk menghantar seramai 800 pencari perlindungan ke Malaysia sebagai pertukaran dengan 4,000 pelarian yang telahpun diproses hampir lapan minggu lepas dan dijangka dibereskan tidak lama lagi. Morrison memberitahu Sky TV News bahawa beliau telahpun melihat dari luar sebuah pusat yang sedang dibangunkan untuk menerima pelarian yang mencari perlindungan yang dihantar oleh Australia. "Anda dengar pelbagai laporan bila bercakap dengan orang yang ditahan di pusat-pusat tahanan (Malaysia). Tentunya pusat itu tidak serupa dengan yang kita kendalikan di Australia," kata beliau. Morrison berkata pencari perlindungan di Malaysia di peringkat awal terpaksa tinggal dalam komuniti, dengan sokongan kumpulan sukarelawan, dan mereka terpaksa bergantung pada usaha sendiri.

Kenapa jadi begitu??? In mid June, Australia TV News mentioned this issue. Mari kita layari internet.

From http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/malaysia-asylum-talks-stall-over-identity-papers/comments-fn59niix-1226076735791

Malaysia asylum talks stall over identity papers

NEGOTIATIONS over the refugee swap with Malaysia are stuck on Australia's insistence that asylum-seekers sent to Malaysia be given identity papers to ensure they are not harassed by police and that Kuala Lumpur give an explicit commitment not to send refugees back to the country they fled.

As both houses of federal parliament yesterday passed a historic motion condemning the Gillard government's deal to transfer 800 asylum-seekers to Malaysia in return for 4000 proven refugees, The Australian was told several sticking points had arisen, slowing negotiations between the two countries.

Australian and Malaysian negotiators sat down again yesterday to hammer out the final terms of their deal, which was expected to have been concluded early last week.

It is understood Malaysia has resisted key elements of the deal. Whereas Australia wants an explicit undertaking from Malaysia not to return asylum-seekers to their country of origin, Kuala Lumpur is understood to favour a more hedged commitment.

"One side wants it black and white; the other wants it more nuanced," said a source familiar with the negotiations.

The issue is crucial for Australia, which has a lawful obligation under the UN Convention on Refugees not to return genuine asylum-seekers to the country they fled.

Malaysia is not a signatory.

Details of the sticking points holding up an agreement with Malaysia came as a High Court challenge was lodged yesterday against the possible deportation of a Kurdish mother and her four-year-old son to Malaysia.

The pair arrived on Christmas Island on May 16 after making the journey to Australia to be reunited with the woman's husband, who came by boat 18 months ago and was found to be a refugee.

The man is being held in the Maribyrnong detention centre in Melbourne and previously, he would be entitled to be reunited with his family but the Malaysian deal has ruled out the possibility.

Refugee lawyer David Manne told ABC's Lateline last night that the prevention of family reunification was illegal. "Essentially, what we're arguing is whether the government can in fact expel a wife and a child in a situation where the husband has already found to be a refugee in Australia," he said.

Concerns about Malaysia trying to return asylum-seekers to their homelands were reinforced yesterday by Renuka Balasubramaniam, who works for Malaysian group Lawyers for Liberty. She said she was aware of at least one case where Malaysian authorities had sought to return an asylum-seeker to their home country.

"I have evidence of a detainee who had been recognised by the UNHCR as a refugee," Ms Balasubramaniam said. "Because of the mere fact that he was suspected of a criminal offence, they were trying to return him to Afghanistan. I was trying to stop it but he died in custody."

There is also disagreement on identity papers, which have emerged as a significant issue in negotiations. Ensuring asylum-seekers are issued the right type of identification is seen as a key safeguard against harassment and abuse by local police. A source said the identification had to be "issued by the host government" to secure the asylum-seeker's lawful status.

Ms Balasubramaniam said the only form of identity document asylum-seekers in Malaysia received at present was a UNHCR card recognising them as a refugee. Even then, the only protection offered by a UNHCR card was an undertaking not to deport cardholders or detain them.

Julia Gillard yesterday vowed to press ahead with the asylum-seeker swap with Malaysia despite both houses of parliament yesterday voting to condemn the plan.

Rejecting opposition claims she was defying the will of the legislature, the Prime Minister cited the right of executive government.

Ms Gillard said it provided the best opportunity to smash the business model of people-smugglers and prevent asylum-seekers risking their lives on dangerous sea voyages.

Earlier, the House of Representatives supported a motion put by Greens MP Adam Bandt condemning the deal by a margin of 70 votes to 68.

Independents Andrew Wilkie and Bob Katter supported the motion, which was already approved by the Senate.

Tony Abbott seized on the development to demand the government accept the will of parliament.

Ms Gillard said that as the leader of a minority government, she expected there would be times the parliament would not support decisions of the executive.

"It falls to executive government to make important policy decisions," Ms Gillard said.

Mr Abbott attempted to win parliament's support for a censure motion against the government for refusing to scrap the deal, but the bid failed.

And 3 days after that, came out this related news http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/un-approval-vital-to-asylum-seeker-deal-says-malaysian-minister/story-fn59niix-1226078119296

Actually, during early May 2011, pelik sangat dengar radio OZ nih...pagi petang dan malam dok mention nama Malaysia. Tapi tak clear sangat apa biji butir nye. Tapi terdengarlah ada asylum seekers, ada refugees....Bunyi macam Oz-Malaysia nak exchange asylum and refugees, tapi ada masalah apatah. Tetiba aku dan kawan dok confuse apa beza asylum seekers dengan refugees. Kawan aku cakap asylum seekers tuh macam pendatang Indonesia. Aku cakap depa tuh pendatang tanpa izin=illegal immigrant. Aku tau contoh, tapi tak tau definisi. Kalau asylum seekers tuh macam ramai yang terkandas nak datang Oz tuh. Kalau pelarian tuh, macam pelarian Rohingya di Malaysia. Hehehe..bersungguh-sungguh kami berdiskus dan bertekak tentang maksudnya. Kawan aku cakap sama je la kot. Habih kalau sama je awat ada pertukaran antara asylum and refugees antara dua negara?

Maka harituh aku surf internet. Berminat nak tau? Sila layari

Mengikut kefahaman aku,
Asylum seekers-orang yang meninggalkan negaranya sendiri dan mencari perlindungan di negara lain dan memohon status sebagai refugees/pelarian.

Refugees-orang yang telah mendapat perlindungan dinegara lain dan diakui statusnya yang terancam di negara sendiri berdasarkan faktor-faktor yang dinyatakan dalam website di atas.

Apa-apa je la. Tak kisahlah sama ada mereka pendatang haram, pencari perlindungan atau pelarian jangan sesekali membuat onar dan menyebabkan rakyat negara kita pulak yang hidup dalam ketakutan, tertindas dan sengsara. Risau juga bila ada yang tidak sedar diri seperti pendatang tanpa izin yang menjadi penjenayah, selain dari pelarian yang menuntut hak yang bukan-bukan dan membuat aduan kononnya dilayan seperti binatang, didera atau dizalimi di pusat tahanan. If our people gave cruel treatment, why border to come??? We never invite you nor want you in our country. It does not means that we do not have any sense of humanity, but we just loathe those ungrateful people. And for those countries who blaming, complaining or arguing about our country, why border to send this people to our country? Why not you just give them the so called proper treatment in your country ? Why do you have intention to send them to small isolated island? Is this complaining matter just an escapism to other issues such as the protest about tax payers money? Do you think that the country that you assume as "the worst country to send a refugee" does not use their tax payers money to support the refugees?


  1. baru ni akak ada baca kat paper, negara kita ni lah yg paling senang pendatang nak bolosi. tak kira dari laut ke, darat ke, udara ke...semua sama je. sebab nya apa? sebab orang kita kuat makan rasuah! pegawai2 yg menjaga sempadan tu telah dikaburi dgn wang ringgit. lepas baca tu mmg buat akak marah. tengok lah kat malaysia ni, dah penuh dgn bangsa asing. kalau yg baik2 tu ok lah, ini yg perangai mcm setan gondol tu cam ner? itu pasal lah negara luar mcm oz tu ikut sedap mulut je memburukkan negara kita. tapi tu lah, kalau dah tau tak elok asal nak campak kat sini kan...ko bela je dorang tu....

  2. Certain Malaysian pun satu hal. kerana duit, mata buta. Buat malu je. Tak pasal2 negara kita mudah dibolosi dan orang kata negara kita terlibat dalam penyeludupan manusia etc