Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Live the life....

What would you do if someone said "hati tak tenang,saya rasa bingung"?
What makes someone feel that?
Is that someone still hurt by the past or scared of the future?
What if that someone said both?
Why not we say Allah is always with us?
Can we say to that someone to forget the past?
What if that someone can't forget the past no matter how hard that someone had tried?
Of course it is hard to forget the past especially one that hurt you the most, but if it keep on tormenting you, bring you down and affect and harm your present life, when will you enjoy your life? how will you be happy?
Should we say,
learn from the past, live in the present
and dream and prepare for the future.

Not everybody get what you got....So why don't you be grateful, appreciate and indulge the opportunity and experiences of being here , bury your sorrow, look and move forward............
It so easy to say it but what if we were in that someone shoes?
Someone may act like that, when someone's patience was pushed beyond the limit...

Even though I sympathized with that someone, I don't know how to help that someone anymore. That someone does not want to listen to others. That someone also got furious when that someone felt that other people invading that someone personal boundary even though the other party only had good intention to make that someone comes to someone sense. What else friend is for ? Sometimes I was also irritated when that someone kept on complaining about other people and expecting them to do as what that someone wants but at the same time that someone still does not want to change, as well as to cease the ego, erase the hatred and stop bearing the grunge and always have negative thinking and doubt other people. Please stop torturing yourself, meet and get to know other people and LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST....

Yup, it is someone right to stay as someone is. If that someone does not want to change, let go of the past and listen to others, why that someone keep on looking for people to listen to that someone problem and complaints ?

However, I feel uncomfortable when I heard people talking about that someone. Of course, I'm at fault too, I do the same thing but I only share in the blog where people don't know that someone. That only happen if I can't stand it any longer. But not spread that someone problem to the people who know that someone. Tell others is one thing, seems happy with what had happened to that someone is another thing. The worst when one of them who just heard about that, spread another part of the stories, put two and two together, make her own conclusion and blamed that someone without knowing the whole stories. In fact she made her own stories which were totally opposite from what I heard from that someone. Not only that, later she made her own investigation about that someone by asking certain people who used to be quite close to that someone. Last time she said that she couldn't be bother about that someone anymore, but why she went up to that extent this time ?

To that someone..
INSYA ALLAH, you'll find your way...
You have fight for your right and done all the possible ways that no one may even think of doing so. So later there will no regret for not doing so. However, if the 'thing' is not meant for you, you have to accept it. That thing is not everything. You may not get it now, but you may get it in the future...Allah knows what is best for us. Somebody told me that you never failed to get anything that you want, hmmm you never told me about this before. So this may be the time that you have to learn that you won't get everything that you want. You should not be ashamed if you won't get it since you have done your best :)....Again, I know I am not the one who carrying that heavy burden and I am still sailing to that somewhere ...

update : 11/4/2012-3.33pm:
My friend shared these beautiful words in FB..........


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