Friday, October 12, 2012

Aku dan gunung Part 1

Kelmarin ternampak gambar lama dalam external hard disk. That was the second day we were in Tassie.  The first day is here.  Me and Mount Cradle in Autumn last year....

Ready to go.........

More than a quarter of the journey

Half of the journey

Approximately three quarters of the journey

What a shame, just after few minutes that photo was taken, an energetics couple with their baby and two toddlers overtook us...The father was holding the stroller and carrying his daughter on his back. The mother half carrying her son with the high pitch wailing baby mounted on her back.
Almost to the finish line hehhehe..

We really enjoyed watching the fascinating views regardless semput dan sakit kaki for 3 hours hiking. Yes, I know it supposed to be 2 hours walking  along that Dove Lake circuit hehhehe.....

Actually before we arrived at Mount Craddle, we stopped by at the small town to get coffee


and later at mural town, Sheffield

Ok..ok...kena buat kerja ni. Harini entah apa angin bangun 5.19am. Then bertenet and key in budget. 7.59 tido semula, dengan harapan bangun semula after 1 hour. Sedar-sedar 12.15pm baru bangun. Blame this severe weather hehehhe...Yup, we got warning about  this severe weather from our accommodation manager to not be nearby the beach. Hmm..rain water was leaking thru my window this morning. Heavy rain, strong wind, thunder storm, 8 degree temperature...perfect combination to make me easily drowse off hahhaha..........Luckily, now the sun is shining but the wind is still blowing strongly. There is Woosh..Woosh sound when tree leaves brushing my window......

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