Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Snow in Spring???

Boleh percayakah ada salji di musim bunga?
Percayalah it happened last friday, 12/10/2012.

Please click these links for infos :

Here are few photos of the unexpected winter wonderland taken from the second link

Antara kawasan yang terlibat adalah Blue mountain

dan kawasan sekitar/berdekatan Canberra

Not only snow, many parts of NSW have experienced frost, hail, heavy rain fall, thunderstorm or gale. Tapi di kawasan kami takdelah snow or frost :(. Ada hail je la. Tu pun kan aku tak dapat tengok. Kan aku tidur semula after 7am...isk...isk...........Dulu dust storm in 2009 pun aku terlepas peluang gara-gara bangun lambat grr...............

Anyway, what an interesting phenomenon in certain areas where there was four seasons in one day from snow to wild and strong winds, heavy rain and followed by clear blue sky (source).

Kenapa ia berlaku?

The Bureau of Meteorology says a very cold air mass that has moved across New South Wales has caused a deep low to form on the South Coast which has produced the snow.
(source :http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-10-12/residents-wake-to-october-snow/4309336?&section=news)

Parts of eastern Australia awoke to a snow-covered landscape as a low pressure system off the New South Wales coast caused temperatures to drop.

The Bureau of Meteorology this morning renewed a severe weather warning for the South Coast and Illawarra as a deepening low pressure system rolls its way north.


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