Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hilang itu tragedi

Harini pagi petang ada meeting.
Meeting with customers in the morning.
Meeting with colleagues in the afternoon.
In between the two meeting, I rushed to prepare the documents for the second meeting and anxiously looking at the ticking clock.
Unfortunately when the time came up, I couldnt complete the whole document.
It seems blessing in disguise when we were not be able the discuss the whole document due to time constraint....
It made me feel less guilty 😅😅😅.

However something unfortunate happened.
I got two files in one folder..let name it as file A and B.
I got another version of file A in another folder.
Once after I copy and replace file A in the first folder, I can't find file B anymore 😱😱😱😭😭😭.
Mixed feeling...panic, wanna can this happened to me.
After a long discussion how can I lose the file...
It is not my individual work but group work 😭😭.
Ok...take a deep breath...
I surfed the internet for "how to get back the word file that accidently replaced"
One of the suggestion that I found was looking for ".bak" file.
Ok, I tried that.
But I didnt remember the complete name7of the lost file.
Ok just searched for the keyword.
I cant believe my eyes....yThe file still the recycle bin.
Alhamdullilah....thank you Allah.
Dugaan Ramadhan
Rezeki Ramadhan....
Then I faced another test
Tonite I noticed blisters on my skin.
I am really shocked and worried about it.
Two weeks ago I felt uncomfortable at that part.
But I am too busy to think about it.
And this weekend I think it getting more uncomfortable.....
But I think it just common to  people who got sensitive skin like me...
It never occured to me it getting worse.
Hope that it heals faster either naturally or thru treatment...

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