Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Menu berbuka

Menu day 1-leftover chicken rice+sambal+ommelete.

I ok je...makan menu yg tak match dan leftover food. I memang tak suka membazir. Selagi boleh dimakan dan ditelan...I cuba.

Menu day 2-bought food...chicken sambal

Konon je....
Tapi tengahari tiba-tiba macam sesuatu...
Tak mungkin
Mungkin salah pandangan
Balik after 6.40pm...
Terlepas nak menikmati Ramadhan pertama
Pasrah je la....
Awatlah twin berkunjung awal 4 hari.

Macam2 berlaku
Kejutan demi kejutan
Customer unit lain mahukan khidmat kami
How lah....awat tak habaq awal2
Then lagi customer datang
Pun kes yg sama
Aduhai....orang lain terlepas pandang
Orang lain jadi mangsa

Kalut siapkan dokumen utk my new customer
Alhamdulillah sempat untuk appointment 2pm
Then after 4pm kalut siapkan dokumen utk senior customer for checking n updating purposes as well as other new customers.
Siapkan report for problematic customer
Dah lewat petang baru balik.

Harini 9am ada meeting dengan big boss.
What made me worry was when my short sighted -rabun jauh become worse while I was driving this  morning. If it happened in the afternoon of afterwork nothing to be worried since it may due to tiredness. But this happened when I have not started my day yet. Definitely age is one of the factor. I should get a multi focal lense instead of reading glasses while the warranty is still valid. Whatever it is I should go to the hospital to get proper check up.
11am balik kejap
12pm office
Dok melayan new customer yg ada masalah or want to withdraw from our project.
Ada gak family for potential customer yg complain about our organisation program. I am sorry I know nothing....it is not under me.
Dont know what is wrong with my email today.
I sent email several times unfortunately it is no where to be seen...neither the in sent box nor the draft.
I spent nearly 2 hours trying to solve this problem.
Then I prepared documents for tommorow meeting.

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