Saturday, June 4, 2016

Mangga kicap

Sedapnya makan mangga cicah kicap as supper

Bila diberi orang lagilah sedap 😀😁😁.

For dinner I just had leftover food ...kfc meal+tomyam.

Tu kisah semalam 😉😉😉.

Actually I was craving for curry noodles.
But since we were really engrossed with the discussion we didnt notice that it was already 6.30pm. After solah, I think 6.45pm is not a convenience hour to go to the food court. I am sure that I would reached home after bertabah dan bersabarlah ya 😅...macam tak pernah makan mee kari kan.

As usual lots of activities...
9am-first meeting
11.30-second meeting
12.40-lunch and break
3pm-third meeting
4pm-fourth meeting/discussion
6.50pm-balik lah.😝😝

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