Saturday, June 25, 2016

Senyum je la ...

Sometimes it is very dissapointing when

1.I just wanna give a lil something to certain people to make them happy, people said I wanna pamper those people.

2. I wanna help or make a lil contribution to people in need, others argued about the hygiene.

3. I showed the list of those people, others argued the selection criteria.

4. I asked them to join my project, not more than 5 people agreed.

4. I mentioned a particular person is really in need, others argued there are so many financial aid such as zakat n charity body...why never ask them for help?

But when other people discover about these people in need, suddenly everybody is so concern... Alhamdulillah finally they aware about this matter and wanna help.

- why they never listen to me right from the start???
- why they never support me?
- why now they do not want to involve me in the discussion?
-why they prefer not to update me with anything?

I smell something fishy....
Too many things to think.
Just smile, be positive and give a good thought
That is life....
It is not easy to be kind 😅😅😅

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