Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Makan banyak

I attended a one day workshop today. That was why I went to work early. I bought kuih for brekky. Definitely not a healthy food. I dont know why, but I am not into having yogurt for brekky nowadays...looking at the container makes me nauseous.

That workshop provides new knowledge to us and definitely good for our line of work. Definitely gonna implement one or two of the input very soon. For lunch we had rice and chicken curry. But one hour later I felt hungry 😅.

The workshop ended around 4.30pm. I am not in the mood to go to my office and went back home early instead. I just stopped by at the restaurant to buy laksa...yes I have been craving for it for weeks. Finally I fullfilled my craving...

Yummy....the gravy is thick and  tasty...love it. However I think for the price they should put more laksa and condiments...and yeah...pineapple should not be left out since it can enhance the flavour. Since it is in small portion I managed to eat fried pasta as well 😱😱😱😱....Perut apakah???? And guess what 30 minutes later I ate twisties potato chips...

If I am not mistaken I arrived at the restaurant around 4.55pm. It was weird to hear the comment from someone in our neighbourhood that I went back early. The way she said it seems like I did something wrong.  Isn't it 4.30pm is normal working check out time be it the gov department or private company? Yes I know I normally go back home after 6pm but it does mean that I can't check out earlier than that.

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