Sunday, January 28, 2018

Pulut santan durian

Hah...that was my lunch yesterday....

Terliur tak?
Sedap....Tapi jika diberi pilihan I lebih suka makan durian saja. Ye la...dapat lebih menikmati rasanya 😍. Apapun syukur Alhamdulillah, kali ini dapat beli dan rasa durian yang sedap dan cantik.

For brekky I had the domino's garlic loaf

Even though  I got long list of things to do, I did nothing yesterday 😰... Eat, movie, fb, blog and IG 😱😱😱....Aku dah kenapa ek???

What movie???
1. A woman deceived
A widow discovers that her new husband might be responsible for her first husband's death.

2. A mother betrayed:
A woman becomes the victim of a sinister plot by her new husband n best friend. They tried to get her billion dollar company and her daughter as well.

3. Ouija: Origin of Evil
A widowed mother n her elder daughter confront evil in their house to save her youngest daughter....

Ada lagi tapi lupa 😂😂😂....
Eh you Youn kitchen n Law in the Jungle pun best 😅....

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