Thursday, January 25, 2018

When in big appetite and ustazah mode

Sungguh la....
2 hari ni memang selera besar.....

Semalam lunch rendang

Petang teringin kerepek. Luckily gerai dah tutup 😅....

Dinner pula nasi lemak

dan laksa tapi guna gambo semalam

Percaya tak????

Dua menu tu sekali hadap? Waktu malam??? 😰😰😰. Rasa tak kenyang and tak puas makan. Macam ada belaan pulak 😱😱😱. Memanglah portion laksa tu setakat 4/5 sudu je...tapi selama ni rasanya I tak pernah melantak sampai macam tu...Tapi dah 2 malam begitu 😭😭😭😭. Lepas tu risau bila timbang pagi semalam dah naik sekilo 😅😅😅.

Owh lupa nak cerita...
I saja beli laksa lebih nak beri pada anyone for exp the security guard.
Tapi dah senja, they are nowhere to be seen.
When I was back to the office I decided to give the laksa to anyone I first saw. Maybe to someone that I know which sat nearest to my car. When I was out of my car I saw a handsome boy just about to get something nearby the vending machine. When our eyes met, he just smiled at me...Boleh buat anak! Menantu 😂😂😂. At first thought I wanna gave the laksa to him..
But I kinda worried that he gonna misterpret my motive. So I better stick to my plan of giving to the nearest person which happened to be my ex-customer. Unfortunately he pretended of not noticing me...Whatever...ko yang rugi. Well this laksa definitely not meant for him. So I decided to give the laksa to the two girls at the far end of the foyer.

Yesterday I ran amok with certain people in the morning and afternoon. I did something unexpected....for me and for them 😂😂😂. serve them right when they went into panic mode...Anyway I have no intention to humiliate them whatsoever...Hope they learnt their lesson.

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