Thursday, October 20, 2011

Junior masterchef is back

MasterChef Malaysia will start on 22 October 2011. In land down under, Junior Master Chef Season 2 has already started last month. I have no idea about it until my friend posted something about it in FB this week. So, tonite...I am watching episode 1 via online@ while typing this entry ;))....

Here is the top 20 contestant
Actually during top 50 contestant ada this cute contestant.....
update 26/01/2012:

I notice that this blog got many visitors searching for season 2 winner. Well, at first Chandler (isn't he is the cutest.........)

and Lily
among the contestants who were on the top of the score board. Meanwhile Jack was among the favourite contestant..but not me ;)) .

However, while Jack maintain his performance, Chandler and Lily seemed to turn 360 degrees while they were in America. Suddenly the cheeky Greta steal the show..............
And the rest is history ;))))................

Nak tahu sangat kan hehhee.....kan dah tak supprise :P..........opppps..........LARIIIIIIIIIIIIII
continue with the previous entry :)

As you all know, the winner for Junior Master Chef session 1 is Isabella....

Apa yang membanggakan, there was Malaysian background contestant in Masterchef Australia for 3 season.

For example Poh who got second place in Masterchef Season 1.

Now she got her own cooking show@ and I think she is more popular compared to the winner.

There is Alvin in second season

and he is well known for his drunken chicken with bruised salad

Finally we had Billy in Masterchef Australia Season 3....

and he got his food blog@

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