Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Melbourne Day 2 and 3

On my second day in Melbourne, I had spageti bolognese for my brekky, then we headed to Malaysian Hall for the meeting

After performed solat Jamak in our friend's room there, we went back to the city by tram and stopped by at National Gallery of Victoria.

We just planned to camwhore outside the building, unfortunately suddenly it was raining heavily. So while waiting for the rain to stop, we spent our time in the gallery. Later we just walked along the Southgate promenade to enjoy the view along Yarra river.
Then, we had camwhore session nearby Flinders station .and of course it heavily rain again and in our wet attire we were struggling to find Block arcade-one of the must visit place in Melbourne.
We took a break at the cafe at the alley next to the arcade and had hot choc,

Next we planned to get on the tram to Melbourne Central in Swanston St. On our way there, we stopped by at the clothes outlet-Deborah K and 7 Angels. Both outlet gave really good discount and the price of the clothes here much cheaper compared to Sydney. After that off we went to Melbourne central and we really had fun seeing the color changes of the light at the tower.

Suddenly we heard very nice music and we looked back and saw......

Did you see it? That is what I told you in the previous entry....We did not just sitting there and camwhoring, we also had this yummy Lord of the fries....

Fries and melting cheese....yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm.................I guess we still have empty space in our stomach, so we went to Es teller and I had Ayam Berlado....

On Thursday, my friend prepared mee goreng gemuk for our brekky. Then, off we went to Victoria University for another meeting.
Of course, we had another Malaysian food here.
Then, we headed back to city by bus and train. Although, it was a gloomy day we still sticked to our plan to go to Fiztroy gardenwhich has Cooks Cottage
and Conservatory....
I felt so see all this beautiful flowers.

Then, we rushed to RMIT to pray. I ran out of clean socks, so on our way back to my friend's house we stopped by at the Liquidation Store at Sydney road. Guess what? here I also bought a pyjama and jacket for aud6 each. Really cheap huh....

For dinner, my friend cooked bihun sup
and popia for us.....Well that was the End of my third day in Melbourne.....


  1. waaah,dah lamo tak tinggal jojak di sini..bestnya ke melbourne.anak2 buah akak ado di RMIT tu tapi skang ni takdo lah semua balik mesia..cuti.hehe

  2. daapt jalan2 tentu syok bangat deh !

  3. kak anym,
    Nanti suruh depa beli macadamia abalon...mahal tapi sodap tau. Hanya di melboune je..

    jalan2 maemang best..tapi ada slow bila ingat kerja hahaha