Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3 hari untuk 3 minit sahaja

Bukan...bukannya aku masak steamed blackfish ni sampai 3 hari.....

Bukan jadi steamed black fish...mau jadi bubur hehehe. Senang sangat curah kicap, osyter sauce, black pepper, chili powder, minced garlic and fine sliced ginger...dan kukus ikan 15-20minutes. Tapi next time nak masukkan veges lambat sikit..i prefer crunchy veges....That was my dinner on Sunday.

I bought that black fish at the fishmarket at the harbour nearby our house on Sunday morning. I went there with kanda, german n Philipino hmate. My german hmate bagitau she heard from the radio that there is aud2 brekky at the park nearby the harbour. So off we went there. That brekky organized by the radio station. I dunno whether we do the charity or we received the charity by paying that aud2 hehehe. They served cereal, fruits-banana, plum,apple, scramble egg, sunny top egg, toast bread, sausages, juice and coffee. We really have fun having that unplanned brekky while sitting facing the beach...

If we walk 200 m further to the north, we can see this beautiful view....

That afternoon, me and all of my hmates went for groceries shopping to fruit market and woolies. That was the first time the six of us were out together...of course using the bus shuttle provided by the accomodation manager.

I had this for late lunch yesterday

leftover couscous and frankfurters in caramelized onion....Food for busy people ;)). Yelah since saturday, I have been preparing for the thesis/research competition. It only one slide presentation, but of course it was not easy to find the suitable image to represent my whole thesis using one image only....And I can't just use the image directly, I still have to modify it grrr.....So I felt that I just wasting my time for 3 days to prepare for 3 minutes presentation only....And definitely, I have to prepare what to talk too....At one point, I confused of what I am doing all this while, its application etc...And that made me worried, so I have to find relevant literatures to overcome that confusion. Whatever it is, thing happened for a reason. I can use that image for my thesis writing and also I become clear of what I'm doing and it potential use :)...Alhamdulillah

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