Saturday, March 17, 2012

How long to wait? Apa kelas?

I met my friend yesterday. She told me that she has been waiting the respond from the journal for 1/2 weeks...lupa pulak (sedang terbatuk-batuk or tersenyum Cik Olyn?). I still remember of what my spv said : the journal may consider the paper if they took quite sometime to respond. Someone told me that it is normal to wait for 2-3 months for the decision whether the article is accepted or rejected. One of my group member had to wait for the respond for nearly 6 months. My experience of waiting as below (note : this is meant for sharing not for boasting, minta dijauhkan):

First paper (1 month waiting)

10/06/2010 : Submitted to Journal of Physics…….(source file)
13/07/2010 : Considered for publication with amendments
04/08/2010 : Submitted the revised
23/08/2010 : Accepted for publication
04/09/2010 : Proof available for checking
08/09/2010 : Last date of any corrections
14/09/2010 : Published

Second paper (2 months and 2 weeks waiting-difficulty for editor to find suitable referees)

07/04/2011 : Submitted to Na……(source file)
22/07/2011 : Considered for publication with recommended changes
11/08/2011 : Submitted the final form
14/09/2011 : Accepted for publication
30/09/2011 : Proof available for checking
08/10/2011 : Published

Third paper

First Submission (1 month and 2 weeks waiting)
05/09/2011 : Submitted to Chem P…. by my spv (aku balik raya hehehe…)
19/10/2011 : Rejection for publication-more suitable for theoretical journal

Second Submission(3 days waiting)
16/11/2011 : Submitted to Journal of Physics ….(source file)
19/11/2011 : Rejected for publication-out of scope

Second Submission 1 month and 1 week waiting)
08/02/2011 : Submitted to Journal of Theoretical….(pdf file)
14/03/2012 : Accepted for publication
17/03/2012 : Submitted the source file

Fourth paper

First Submission(11 days waiting)
02/02/2012 : Submitted to Computational ….(source file)
13/02/2012 : Rejected for publication-not relevant journal

Second Submission(… days waiting)
11/03/2012 : Submitted to Journal of Molecular ….(source file)
16/03/2012 : Email from editor that he has to appoint new referee

Clearly, I had to wait for 3 days to 2 months and 2 weeks. I have to wait longer for the second article because the editor had difficulty in finding suitable referees. The editor for the first submission of the third paper had initial impression that my paper is more suitable for theoretical journal and it was confirmed by the referee's comment. The second submission was also rejected due to out of the scope of the journal. And again, I had the same problem for the fourth paper. As you noticed, I have been through the rejection for three times which were due to out of the scope of the journal. We may think that our paper is suitable for the journal but the editor and reviewer know better. I did have a doubt though that they just being polite to say that my paper is not relevant to the journal. Maybe my paper is actually not good enough for their journal. Of course it was hurtful to accept rejection no matter what the reason is. But life must go on.........keep on submitting until my paper is accepted for publication.

Actually, before I met Cik Olyn, my officemate and me checked the ERA journal ranking. The rank was not applicable anymore starting from 2012. But we just use 2010 journal ranked. Her friend got 8 papers published in A and A* journal and 3 papers in B journal...wowwwww!!!!!! How about me??? Hmm...Apparently my first two papers were accepted in A* journal and the third paper was accepted in C journal. Opps... It seems that I wrote less quality article towards the end of my studies..:(. But just cheer what my officemate long as I had paper published....So, BE GRATEFUL ............

Anyway, it is good to read the following articles...

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