Saturday, September 22, 2012

Deal dengan tuhan

While I was having sticky grilled chicken wings and leftover chips for my late lunch today

I was having an argument with kanda as well ;). For some reason, I have thought that this thing would happen :(. That's why at first I preferred to ship my things individually.

Me : Haritu mamat tu cakap kalau dia beli 'brg besar', dia nak terus hantar ke rumah dia di pantai timur. Tak perlu susah-susah nak ambil barang.
Dia: Habih tu you camna?
Me: Saya memang nak terus hantar barang ke rumah saya. Siapa yang nak ambil nanti?(kalau guna address lain) famili saya mesti tak mau jemput barang2 tu. Susah nak cari lori bagai.
Dia : Apasal you tak cakap awal, I dah beli barang banyak.
Me: Saya pun baru fikir minggu ni. Dia baru je cakap.
Dia: Haritu u cakap nak hantar ke rumah I.
Me: I never said that
dia; Yes, you said that....
 Me: I never said that
Dia: Haritu u dah kata......
Me: Why u keep on stating that? I never said that. (I dah mula hangin)
Dia: Tu deal dengan tuhan. Dah kata nak hantar sekali.
Me: Kita hanya discuss untuk share hantar barang.
Dia: Haritu u cakap kalau alamat KL lagi murah. So, alamat Bangi lah.
Me: Yalah, tapi kita tak pernah discuss pun nak hantar ke mana.

See how ridiculous it was. She was the one who made wrong assumption and how dare she kinda accused me for breaking the promise. Her word "deal dengan tuhan" was so annoying. I know that I am such forgetful person, but never forgot about thing like this. Yes! she has asked me several times whether I want to ship my things, whether I wanna share, but we never discuss anything about the delivery address. I called that mamat after that argument, he confirmed that we never discuss to where we will deliver our things. Of course, it would be cheaper if we sent our things to Selangor. But last time she had problem storing her things in her sister house in Bangi before transferring it to her apartment, her brother in law didn't like to see boxes in his house even though for few days only. If her BIL made fuss about her few boxes, let alone additional boxes from outsider. Moreover, if everything were to deliver directly to her apartment, who will deal with the delivery guys  since we are all still here. Hmm..her niece may help but of course with payment. In addition, who will pick up my things from her apartment? How can I get bigger transport to send that things home? How am I going to take my things down since her apartment has no elevator. Why should I face all that troubles when somebody's always in my kampung house, my family do not mind about the boxes and we had enough space to store the things ? If everyone wants the easier way and suit oneself, then it is better not to share in shipping our stuff ;). Hmm.. I would rather pay more than burden myself with this sharing issue.

Moral of the story :
I should stick to my plan and follow my instinct :).

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