Sunday, September 2, 2012

I can be profesional chef ?????

I cooked satay goreng together with kuah kacang on 29/8. Peanut sauce recipe taken from here but as usual I'm too lazy to copy down the recipe heheheh and just memorized the ingredients. Owh I added dried shrimp too. But if i make it next time I will reduce the amount of oil hehhe...bila dah masak, bersudu-sudu minyak ku keluarkan. Satay recipe taken from here. but I was too hungry to wait for the bake n grill version, so I just fried the beef. I didn't use galangal for both recipes coz mine has turned to stone hahaha. Here's the baked version for chicken. Again no cucumber. bukan tak suka tapi no stock

When my german housemate ate the small bite of this dish she said that I should be profesional la ..I just imitate her usual expression. In fact she told me that now she changes her mind about not visiting Asia countries due to the reason you already know now which definitely the food. So, me and kanda can be Malaysian food embassador huh....So, the tourism ministry please don't forget us when there is an increment of German tourists ..hahhahah........So, I told her that not only the superb food, we got beautiful beach too since I know that she loves to sunbath while reading novel or article.

Later when my Iranian hmate saw me making this cake

she said that I can be profesional chef too. Cake recipe by Dayang Jack. Made it especially for my friends who will go back to Malaysia for good.

 huhuhu There are certain part that not properly cooked.

 Next time I should use the bigger burner. In fact most part of the cake has no smooth texture. Pn Dayang tolong jgn nangis tgk cake saya ya. Tapi yg atas ni je la yg plg smooth wpun berlubang hahaha. yg lain mcm rupa peroi. Maybe I didn't properly beat the butter or I left the beaten butter for a while to pick up my laundry from the dryer. Anyway my housemates liked it. Thank you to all recipes contributors.

As usual my thesis is waving,  so till then...

Psstt...kalau dah menghidang satay mcm gitu and rupa kejadian cake begitu rupa, jgnkan chef nak jdi kitchen helper pun tak layak ek.


  1. Salam singgah dan salam perkenalan..
    wah sedapnya satay goreng dan kek tu. tengok aje terus perut jd lapar nih hehe..
    Fairy Lilly duduk kat part mana ya in Oz? dah lama kat sini? :)

  2. Salam kenal,
    heheh satay orang malas.
    Saya kat new south wales and have been here for more than 3 years..