Sunday, December 17, 2017

Diet hancus

I had overnite oat with dates for brekky on thursday.

Very tasty like Farm Fresh milk with dates and very fulfiling.

Unfortunately my diet failed during lunch 😅😅😅.

For dinner I had these...

Again my diet failed when I had this drumstick for supper 😅😅😅.

On friday I had cooked rolled oat for brekky. Boleh tahan juga rasanya...macam barli.

Unfortunately I felt lazy and sleepy around 10am. When I surfed the internet I found that oat can make us sleepy because this meal can trigger the production of insulin that result in our body feeling tired. Moreover oat contain melatonin that can relax our body...(source1, source2)

My lunch...nasi kerabu separuh but no budu

I ate kerepek ubi during tea break. I planned  not to eat anything during dinner but I end up making  this 😅...

Stir fried mustard leaves...the combination of mustard leaves, stink beans, sambal bilis and egg
.....sanang baitu...campak semua dalam kuali dan gaul sekali 😁.

I suppose to join work out session on Saturday morning. But ended up laze around on my sofa 😂😂😂.

I had these for brekky

Around 12pm off I went to the unit and the management office. I bought these for lunch

Really furious with my neighbours...
Yg dikiri menggerudi
Yg dikanan mengetuk
Faham tak waktu hujung minggu orang nak rehat
Tambahan hampir 3pm

Saturday is movies day. I watched Love on the Sidelines in the afternoon...a movie about an injured american football player who fall in love with his new PA. Then, I watched Harry Porter the Deadly Hallows Ep 2 in the evening.

I am too lazy to cook for dinner
So I just ate 2 bananas and dates 😅

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