Sunday, December 17, 2017

Urus sendiri: When I lost my patience

Yesterday I went to the unit to wait for the towel rack delivery. What dissapoints me, I found new leaking at the ceiling....Oh!No...not again...😭😭😭

I went to complaint to the upstairs tenant. But he was not there. I told his son I am totally lost my patience.

I sent messages to both the owner and tenant about this issue ...asked them what action that they actually have done to solve the problem? I have been facing financial lose for 5 months and asked them not to opress me anymore. 

Then, I went to management office to ask about the outside leaking and complaint about the new leaking. The staff said they also received several complaints about the outside leaking. She told me that someone has made a complaint about leaking from upstairs as well and in the waiting process for the tribunal report. Yes it is a good reference to those neighbors who are selfish, stubborn and stingy.

Later the owner replied my message. He said no one opressing me..It is not man made with LOL emotican. Seriously it is not funny to me!!! Dah nyanyuk ke pakcik??? 

I sent to the contractor hp number to him. Later he said he has made a deal with this contractor. So please mark your words and do it ASAP.

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