Saturday, December 30, 2017

Kak Long kata ambil lain....

These three days are full of activities...especially makan-makan 😅😅😅.

On thursday I had korean food for lunch

And later I fulfilled my craving for baklava...8 pieces of mini baklava for RM12...

Definitely I would not miss the opportunity for the lake cruise at The Mines

On friday I had masak lemak tempoyak daun kayu and masak lemak daging salai at Mama World Seremban 2.

Super yummy 👍👍👍. Even though quite pricey ..RM9.80 for the meal+sour plum juice. Bear in mind that tempoyak daun kayu is RM5/scoop while masak lomak daging salai is RM6 for 7 pieces.
However there was an incident....
I took long time to wash my hand due to turmeric stain. On my way back to my table I stopped by at the cashier counter to take the serviette. I could not believe my eyes when the restaurant helper hold my drink straw and stir my drink. Hello...that was unhygienic. I felt a bit uncomfortable and was disgusted with her action. The most active person in the restaurant who were called as Kak Long and her siblings saw the incident. Suddenly she said " ambik lainlah" while taking away my drink. Her sibling even apologised to me. I really appreciated their manners, sensitivity toward customer and quick thinking and action.

Before that I had facial treatment at Dr.Ko clinic. OMG...why I was easily influenced to buy the skincare set without asking many question 😰😰😰??? Whatever...what past is past...Just watch my spending this month 😰.

For dinner I had laksa sarang and ABC at MMA Santai Corner.

This morning I had tosei rawa for brekky, pepes ayam, otak2 as well as durian D13 Muar for lunch 😁.

You mission was to buy carpet at Nilai 3, but ended up with makan-makan instead 😅😅😅.

Quite surprise to see most of the customers bought few pieces of the carpet. Carpet Prima have various design, material and size for retro design carpet..except the one that I am looking for...soft, light weight and cheap carpet with the size of 4×6 ft2 😁 ......If I am not mistaken I bought mine for RM50/piece at Harun Carpet ...the shop facing the main road ....

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