Friday, December 22, 2017

Mission to lose weight: Be strong

****This is scheduled post***

So how's my journey?

Week 1:  13/11/2017-56.5kg
Week 2 : 20/11/2017-55.5kg
Week 3 : 27/11/2017-55kg, 30/11/2017-54.5kg
Week 4 :5/12/2017-54kg, 10/12/2017-54kg
Week 5 :11-16/12/2017-54kg, 17/12/2017-53.5kg
Week 6: 21/12/2017-54kg

You seems ok to lose 3 kg in 6 weeks...
Unfortunately this week I gain weight 😭😭😭.
Blaim the ice creams, pasta, stink beans, ikan bakar etc....
Do not control food intake and lack of exercise definitely resulted in weight gain...
Therefore...I need to change...I need to be strong in watching my diet....

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