Monday, December 18, 2017

Tak boleh lupa

Pagi tadi memang Monday blueslah
Sayangnya nak tinggalkan my sofa 😂😂😂

Then, I had banana, raisins, walnut and natural yogurt for brekky.

And I noticed that I am not sleepy eating banana. It seems that only oat makes me sleepy.

Dah lewat barulah terhegeh kemas dapur n jemur kain. Pi keroje lewatlah....

Ada appointment with customers at 11am. Awatlah kali ni my customers seem strange. Their bodies are here but not their mind and soul 😅😅😅. Me too 😂😂. Having discussion while browsing thru whatsapp conversation 😁😁😁.

For lunch I had nasi berlauk ayam berempah and for dinner I had the leftover pasta. Since I am stress of something so I had something sweet for my tooth for supper 😅😅😅.

Several things happened today..terrible snd upsetting. When I am trying to help for the sake of protecting our unit name...Nobody care to respond....

The funny thing today when seseorang dah buka jalan without knowing anything, maka somebody who knows about the issue cuba memancing. Hah! Kan dah kena....confirm!!!. no wonder no one even dare to update their status 😂😂😂. Eh! Ada yg cuba menegakkan benang yg basah. Tak kisahlah ko pi  A ka, B ka it is still at the high rate and unfair to others.

Then, my turn to be the investigator...Seriously??? the one who should solve this issue or the one who should prevent it before became an issue is the one who involve with them 😱😱😱. No wonder he just kept quiet 😅😅😅. Then I contacted him asking to see him. Owh takde ya 😅😅😅 I do not know where is him....

Yes...I tried to forget and move on...but I can't. I keep on thinking about it.  I did something and this time he took the expected making excuse, admiting something and claimed that he is open to listen and discuss. Ok I will wait for the day....EH!!! If you really care and concern about should make proper plan right from the start, when something came up you should cancel everything to avoid any future issue.

He slipped out something I know there are group preference and members favouritis among my friends..So who am I to them? ..nobody?...Well..well...when the true colors of certain people are revealed. I thought we are friends...very dissapointing ...of all people ...I never thought it came from two of my closed friends...They really did have heart to do this to me. So they just look for me when they need me. Otherwise I do not exist. And to Mr boss...please keep in your day your term will ended. Then only you know how does it feel to be in my shoes...

O..Allah please let me be strong facing this and forgive all of them. Please protect me from holding any grudge towards them ....

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