Saturday, December 9, 2017

Macam-macam Hal

Pagi jumaat beria brekky rolled oat, banana, walnut, raisins n chia seed

Healthy brekky kononnya.
Alih2...10.30am after briefing session makan nasi lemak 😅😅😅.
Bergonang2 minyak eh..
Healthy kek mano tu?

Pagi tu konon nak tease my customer...
Memang menjadilah 😂😂😂.
Seronok gak pekena orang
Tapi...ada satu incident yg ganggu my mood
Rupa2nya ada dokumen yg I belum discuss with them.
Adoilah...dah over deadline 😰😰😰.
Kena reshedule ....

For briefing session...
Biasalah kami yg anak2 ikan ni
Makin sengsaralah...
But selagi boleh we must fight for our right

In the afternoon I did something out of my ordinary task.
Really enjoy doing that...
Just like production line 😁😁😁
Definitely release my stress.
Of course I can't give full commitment
I help whenever I am available...

Then a customer came
Really stubborn customer
She asked for consideration when it is too late
It is not about financial problem
This is about attitude problem
Then I saw and heard she went to see my boss 😠😠
Well...well...her mentor
Bukan main ko sekarang ya
Knowing that I am no longer has any power

Then I settled all my 5 claims.
In total around RM3k 😱😱😱.
Yes I know I am at fault

Later in the evening I handed my key to someone...
Her friend came as well
She is still interested to join
But requested to add another facility and argued about different payment
Finally..she made her decision

Then, I had leftover rice and mushroom+ayam kicap for dinner

My Saturday...
I started my day with 6km walk/jog and 9000 steps.
I was touched when the chinese uncle greeted me Good morning and the malay aunty said salam at the park.
Simple acts but enough to cheer my day 😍😍😍
Then I made a complaint to the management staff about the wall leaking. It may came from the exterior wall crack.
Had cekodok rentung for brekky

Then I Had leftover rice, sambal bilis, no oil omelete and rocket salad for lunch while watching recorded ReD Velvet final episode 😁.

And had blackpepper n garlic lemon grilled salmon n veges n dragon fruit for dinner...

I got headache 😵
So I spent most of my day with a long rest...
Rumah mcm kapal karam 😰😰😰

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