Thursday, August 16, 2018

Cari pasal

My thursday
My plan to go to work early
But as usual I am late
So I head off to meeting straight away

Really excited to share with a group of people on something
But certain of them seemed not ready
I asked them to do something
But they didnt move....
Untill I shouted to them

I can't brain when people have no common sense
Regardless of frequent advices, reminders and warning
Do I have to tell them everything
Who am I to them?
Their PA????

So let's hear their explanation
But they just keep quiet
I asked them to be hurry since we got many things to do
I asked the others to tell them of what I want them to do if it hard to understand what I say
But a very long silence...
The small flame became bigger

You got ears to listen
You got eyes to see
You got mouth to speak
You got brain to think

Then someone finally explained to them
Pun krik-krik...
Then only one of them said something
Only three words?
That is it?
So quiet....

Finally he apologised
But did not sound sincere...
How about the other one?

It is ok
You do not want to talk
I will leave

Better to walk away
Rather than stay with angry mood
Few steps away
I can hear them
When I was out
It was too late
I have given so many chances

When I was at the elevator
They tried to talk to me
I just ignored them
They called me
Hello..I have given you chance

Oh! They know how to chase people
So Why didn't they talk right from the start????

Sometimes we need to teach this kind of people
Always ignore me regardless of my frequents reminders...
Now let them feel on how to be ignored?
How hard it is to be like a beggar?

They know how am 1
But they still did things that I do not like
What kind of stupidity of that?
Purposely CARI PASAL???
or just wanna test me?
Challenge me?

It is not about being afraid of my character or my punishment...
But it is about being responsible...
Know what is the consequence if they did something unacceptable...

How can we help people
If they did not let us to????
How can we help people
If they treat us badly???

So I really hope they learnt their lesson
And remember this incident for their whole life...
People may do something unexpected
When you push them beyond the limit...

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