Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cabaran seorang pelukis....

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr............korang tak payah baca. Nanti korang pun penin. Aku memang penin........

Aku bengang, aku geram.............

Ini semua mengenai figure.

Aku taip my paper in Latex. So I can get the output for the text file either in dvi or pdf. Selain itu my figures should be as eps file.

Dulu seronok je guna Adobe Illustrator where we can convert/export the file to .pdf or .eps

Bila my Adobe Illustrator dah tak berfungsi, aku guna Mayura.

Bila trial version Mayura expired, aku tak boleh convert md file to .eps.

So, my supervisor paid for the registration..Alhamdulillah...

Tapi lepas tu, ada problem dengan eps file. Kinda like it cannot be rendered in Ghostview. Senang cite gambar tu tak keluar masa tengok output dvi file.

Bila google, mungkin size eps file tu besar.

Entah apa aku godek2, akhirnya keluar juga gambar tuh.

Then, bila my spv tengok figure tuh, dia suruh baiki....huish baru nak hilang stress, datang yang baru. Takpe terpaksalah try and error coz tak banyak info pasal Mayura. Alhamdulillah ok....

Tapi, I got problem when submitting my paper to journal today. The online system can't convert my source file to pdf file.....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I don't know what is wrong...

When I checked my source file, it seemed that the same rendering problem occurred again. Hmmm...big size file for figure. I just wonder why it cannot work today, even though I didn't have any problem during last weekend.

I tried to reduce the size of the objects, but still the file still big in size. I guess for Mayura the number of objects affect the size of the file, not the size of the objects. When I google how to reduce the size of eps file, I couldn't do any of the suggestions to my figure file.

Suddenly I just remember 'bodo' style ;)) (tiru ayat ustaz Azhar). From md file I convert it to pdf file. I planned to convert the pdf file to eps file. Hmmm....But I don't have pdf converter. The technician had to uninstall it from my desktop because the license was only for staff. Hey..lets make use of google again....Alhamdulillah, using online converter, I managed to convert the pdf file to eps file...and of course reduce the size of eps file. So, the figure appeared in dvi output. Hmm...sat gi nak check online submission for journal tuh

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