Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Luahan dan balasan....

Suratan atau kebetulan ????

Sudah dua kali bila aku meluahkan perasan tiba2 aku menenerima berita buruk. Last time aku membebel dalam blog, then I got bad news. Last Sunday aku bebel lagi, then on Monday morning, Feb the 13th....I checked my email

Dear F**,

Our referees have now assessed the above paper and I regret to say they do not recommend the paper for publication in our journal

I am sorry that we cannot accept this paper for publication, and for your information I include below a copy of the referees' comments.

Yours sincerely,

H..... ......

Reviewers' comments:

If the subject of this work is interesting, I don't
think that this journal is the relevant journal
and I encourage the authors to consider
another journal.

I forwarded this email to my spv and told her that I was upset.
Who are not upset if your third paper got rejected twice and your fourth paper also got rejected.
Just imagine how i feel after a hectic and exhausting weekend, only to get this bad news....

So, she reply my message :

Hi F..,

I think we send it to the wrong journal, so they don't have a referee who is able to provide expert comment in the field.

Please re-submit the paper to Journal of Mol..... ........ You may need to change the format of the paper according to the journal format.

Don't be upset with such a little thing, life is too precious!



Huhuhu...asyik wrong journal je. Tapi my friend who studied similar things with me got his paper published in that journal....Bertabahlah..life must go on..................