Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Buatlah Episod 2: Do it properly

When he showed me the list
I am quite shocked
Why someone busy be the group leader
After all that document were prepared by other persons
I suggested to him one of them should be leader

When he shared the list to all
Unfortunately he did not do any changes
It is up to him
After all the person that I suggested often get sick lately

Guess what?
During the first meeting the leader came late 😅
We understood her packed scheduled
That was why again I suggested to him to appoint someone else to be the leader
Someone that can give full commitment
But it is better to get her agreement first
Anyway he got his point
He purposely appoint the busy someone to be the leader
Because he thought that she can unit all the team members

But when the day came
As expected she could not commit full time
The person she appointed to handle the program only to be seen for the first 30 minutes
That person have to manage her personal matters
If I was her definitely I cannot concentrate to do anything except to settle that problem
And that leave us whoever left to continue with the program 😅😅😅

The funny part...
when people just came for a few minutes
Made comments like he knew everything
But the reality is definitely the opposite
And normally this kind of person will survive
Because they know how to manipulate other people response to make it like it comes from them
Well that is life 😁😁😁😁

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