Friday, November 3, 2017

Urus Sendiri Part 13: Allah Maha Mendengar

Minggu ni memang busy
Selain tak sihat
So memang tak sempat nak mengejar orang

Pagi semalam dah plan
Mesti hubungi both tenant and owner on that day
Tapi tak terbuat
Takpelah mungkin jumaat

Lepas solat Isyak
I memang berdoa dengan sepenuh hati
Memang penuh harapan dan keyakinan
Supaya urusan dgn mereka dll dipermudahkan
Memang saya tak larat nak tanggung

Surprisingly selepas 10pm I received a message from the owner
He wonder why I have been quiet
He thought that mine is ok
So I informed him there is still problem with space 1
There is a new problem with space 2
I even sent him both pictures
Told him that the tenant has came n checked space 1
He said he gonna discuss with him
To do the hacking and all
But few weeks have passed
I did not see or hear any  repair work.
Several contractors told me that it should be done properly ie hacking not just applying the chemical
I sent him messages on 17 and 30 oct
But I did not receive any response.
Suddenly the owner said he got free time today
So he will see the problem by himself
And we should discuss.
Alhamdulillah...thank you Allah
Hopefully our discussion will be fruitful
And my problem will be settled soon.

Bila fikir semula selain doa dan
Kun faya kun...
If it's meant to be
It will be...
Mungkin juga Allah beri as whatever I done yesterday
The banana hunting
Helping the customer
Helping my boss
Sharing tauhu begedil 😅
Please bare in mind ya
I have no intention to be riak or whatever
It may small matters to others
But for me it really means a lot
Here we can see
The power of Doa
The power of Sedekah
The power of ease other people affairs
It reminds me that Allah is the greatest,
The most beneficient and the most merciful
It inspire me to be kind to others
I hope by reading this it will inspire you to do the same too...
Something like Oprah says
The ripple effect of kindness
No haters please
If you Hate it, then leave it
Eh ayat macam retis fofular 😂😂😂

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