Sunday, November 12, 2017

Mission to lose weight Part 1: The Obstacles

Camno ek....
Niat dah ada
Semangat pun dah ada
Malah dah sign up for training
Tapi alih2 jumaat malam pi order niha

Tu gambar lama ya. Tak masuk banana kaya desert lagi 😅😅😅.

Lepas tu gelabah apabila coach tanya kami dinner gapo?
Selalu tak tanya pun.
Alih2 mlm tu tanya.
Dia ada sixth sensekah 😅😅😅😅.

So due to my guilt feeling
I pushed myself to briskwalk at the jogging track yesterday morning as well as walking and climbing stairs at home in the evening and managed to get 7k++ steps 😁.

I used Pacer Apps to track my steps and synchronized it to Myfitnesspal Aps....

I use Myfitnesspal Apps to monitor my calorie intake. My recommended calorie intake is 1200 kcal. To lose weight I should aim for calorie deficit. As you can see from the image below if I was active for a particular day, my calories expenditure increases....

You see...I ada masalah to control my food intake
Suppose less carbo n more veges...
Sometimes I am not hungry
I eat because I want to eat
Or it is time to eat 😅.
Let us look what Dr. Zubaidi said

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