Thursday, November 2, 2017

When they need me....

Our customer called me this morning
I told him he should ask the person in charge.
But I did not really hear what he said.
Something like he did not received any response to his messages

Since he is bedridden
I felt sympathy for him
And told him that I will tell both persons in charge

Luckily I managed to meet one of them
And asked her to deal with it
And suggested to her to let the other person know as well

And during afternoon I met the second person
And told her what has happened
Alhamdulillah I am done with the responsibility

Then I got a miscalled and messages from that customer
He told me the update....
And here were my messages
"Saya dah inform pasal your case to them.
  Actually kalau u ingat I am no longer handle...
  The new one is ...."
(I am a bit worried because people may think I masih nak menyibuk)

His responses were so touching
" I know. Tapi you yg kira plg rapat."
" That is why macam saya kira cari you"

Yelah seteruk-teruk I
Seganas-ganas I
There are people who still count on me
Believe that I may/can help them
Forget my harsh words 😅😅
understand why I acted that way.
Otherwise they won't find me.

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