Thursday, November 2, 2017

Craving for banana

My friend told me this morning that she is craving for banana. Unfortunately she couldn't find any at the shop nearby our house. Normally they are two shops sell bananas. She felt like to cry.

I told her I might go to the town and if I found any definitely I will buy for her. But deep inside my heart I prayed that the second shop nearby our house still has stock or the stock just arrived before I went there. I really pity for my friend...I dont want her to wait till the evening because I am not sure at what time I will go to town. After all I got long list of things to do.

Before I went to the office I dropped by at the second shop. I cant believe my eyes the moment I saw bananas hanging on the stand. Alhamdullillah...thank you Allah.
Subhanallah....Allah answered our prayer
Special feeling when I managed to fulfil my friend's craving and make her happy. It was touching to see her face when I hand in the bananas to her....
If I stayed for another minute I am sure I am gonna cry...
Take care my friend....

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