Thursday, November 16, 2017

Mission to lose weight: 751 kcal a day

I pelik sangat how my friends' calories intake was less than their recommended calories. Mine always on point or greater than the recommended calories. Sometimes I feel stress just to control what to eat 😅.

However, I am quite shocked yesterday when my calories intake was 751 kcal only. I thought I ate a lot yesterday. Cuma brekky tak sempat ada hiasan coz kalut. Lunch pun tak sempat keluar cari nasi. Dinner pulak teringin makan sup sayur dan telur.

Tiba2 tergigit cili. Podeh bona. Memang tak tahan. Buka peti sejuk terus ngap aiskrim 😂😂😂. Anyway, bawah ni my calories counter for yesterday....

Itulah bila hari yg kalut...begitulah jadinya. Tapi coach kata sebaiknya ikutlah our recommended calories intake for example mine is 1200 kcal coz it may harmful to the body if I took less than that. I searched the of the effect it may lower the metabolism which is not good for the body.

Anyway just for the weight was 57kg last week. But it was 60kg using the coach weight scale yesterday...really can't accept that...60 kg???. Mesti rosak tu 😂😂😂. But just want to stick to my weight scale...And guess what this morning my weight is 56kg...yeay...the result of controlling calories intake. Exercise setakat brisk walk sesikit je within these 5 days kot. Takkanlah exercise semalam yg ada jumping jack, squat,lunges, plank etc terus turun 1 kg kan 😁.....

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