Thursday, November 2, 2017

Full of activities

Macam-macam berlaku today

Mendengar rakan yg takde mood nak kerja
Terkejut bila dimaklumkan byk dokumen utk pelanggan masih belum dapat kelulusan
Seriously ???
I sent all documents to the main office end of dec 2016
What have they been doing all this while?
No response
No update 😠😠😠
Then banana hunting😍😍😍
Then only off I went to work
Met my colleague at the parking lot
Have not seen her for quite sometime
Manage to ask her about one of the package
No wonder we cant find the package in the old record
It is the new one eventhough sounds familiar πŸ˜…
Conveyed our customer problem to the coordinayor
Discussion with my partner
Meeting with the boss
He told me about several new teams on certain tasks
Showed me his plan on the new commitees
I gave several suggestions as well

At noon
I continued with the work plan for early next year
It is not easy to make plan that fair to everyone

Alhamdulillah I am done with the workplan
And sent it to the boss
Really happy once I accomplished it
Then I contacted another department regarding certain procedure for customer application
It is really frustrating when the process took longer time that resulted in the customer lose something
It is their right
But due to lack of management we are denying their right
I really hope all parties take note on this matter and improve it
It never happened before when I was handling it
Yes.. we did face lateness since it is a new procedure
Everyone seems clueless
But we still manage to settle it no matter how late it is
The most important thing everyone should handle it properly, quickly, doing follow up and have consideration when dealing with the rules.
I did not get a chance to talk to the boss about it
But just informed my colleague who normally have meeting with the top least they know what has happened.

I left the office around 6.30pm

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