Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Mission to lose weight: Clean mealkah?

Clean meal lah sangat kan 😅😅😅

Dinner on Friday

Brekky on Saturday

Lunch on Sunday

Pagi tu happy coz my body weight decrease to 55.5kg. Yelah biasa 57kg ...then last week turned to 56kg by just controling my food intake without exercise. So total weight lose is 1.5kg within 2 weeks.

Dinner on Sunday

Lunch on Monday

Once we done with the training, we had body weighing session...But definitely the result wont be the same due to the type of weight scale...digital vs analog. Regardless of that I assumed the weight loss should be the same. My excitement dropped drastically when I heard my body weight being mentioned...
From 60kg to 59.1kg...Seriously 0.9kg only?
Very disappointing...
Balik terus makan durian 😂😂😂....

So pagi ni while writing this post I am walking at my home...So far now my steps count is 2438 💪💪.

Ok nak prepare brekky jap.

***sambung semula 😁😁😁

Anggun tak my ruby red brekky  😍😍😍

Healthy n filling breaky 😁.

I am actually not really in condition since friday.
But I just ignored it. But today I know that I should go to see a doctor regarding what I have been suffering for 5 days.......

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