Monday, July 18, 2011

Lappy masuk hospital :(

Malam tadi, aku kebosanan dan tetiba teringat nak baca blog blogger fofular. Since there was one small window opened, I just maximized it and typed the blog name. Once the blog is displayed suddenly it was not responding and in a split second I got the message that my lappy got malware attack. So the security protection just pop up and scanned my pc and indicated that there are 80 threats. Macam2 threat ada..malware, virus..trojan, brontox ntah apa2 lagi.....I couldn't do anything, neither click open the avira antivirus software nor the internet...The threat affected my Pc-system.

So, this morning I sent my lappy to computer shop and definitely I have to wait for couple of days to let them fix my lappy. To make matter worst, I have to pay the service fee of aud65 and there will be other charge in case the need of hardware replacement whatsoever. What a boring life without my lappy at nite huhuhu. Ada hikmahnya, so I can concentrate on my work at nite. But wait!!!! How I am going to do my work -type the article, run my programs? La Tahzan, jangan bersedih, bacalah journal or just plan my writing manually....Huhuhu tak suka membaca memalam buta....

Hah! sudah tu...better manfaatkan masa di opis instead of whining, nagging and complaining ;)). Target harini for the 4th paper-intro, methodology and result...sumbat je dulu, tak perlu nak check ayat betul ke tidak...

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