Monday, July 25, 2011

My work and my lappy

Last friday, bila dah tido pukul 6 pagi, maka aku bangun nearly 12pm lah. Bila check email alamak...dah ada feed back for my paper. Cuba tengok berapa lama aku tunggu since I sent it on 07/04/2011 before getting the response.

Current status and history
DateTask descriptionDeadline date/Status
21/07/2011Author revision required11/08/2011
07/07/2011Original manuscript to refereeReport received
07/07/2011Original manuscript to refereeUnable to report
15/06/2011Original manuscript to refereeUnable to report
25/05/2011Original manuscript to refereeUnable to report
03/05/2011Original manuscript to refereeUnable to report
03/05/2011Original manuscript to refereeReport received
21/04/2011Original manuscript to refereeUnable to report
15/04/2011Original manuscript to refereeUnable to report
15/04/2011Original manuscript to refereeUnable to report
15/04/2011Original manuscript to refereeUnable to report

Padahal baru the day before, aku forward progress up to 07/o7/2011 to my spv. Mengomel pulakkan. Tak kisahlah, at least dah dapat respon. Apa responnya?

Huish, kena buat pembetulan elok2 kan. Mana referee reportnya....

Referee 1

The paper is clearly written, however, the English would benefit from "a bit tidying" up in places. Especially, the introduction, and the references are not presented in order. The paper presents several observations, but lack of analysis. I would suggest the authors to take this into account for higher impact of the article, especially as some conclusions are not consistent.

p. 7 - 8 Last sentence of section .... What are "appropriate" parameters, i.e. how was .... fitted/obtained?

....dan banyak lagi....

Sentap I tau....Tapi korang tahu je lah my english camna kan hehehe. I sedar diri ;).... Tapi reference tuh actually aku bahagikan ikut jenis material, but still according to publishing year...kena ubah ek?

Referee 2
In the present work, the authors have investigated ........
..........I don’t understand why Authors didn’t think about this?
I am not convinced that the work presented in current form here represents a significant enough advance to warrant consideration in this journal. In order to satisfy the requirements of publishing this paper in any journal, Authors should either design........ and then comment on ............ or should skip the discussion...................

Pedas hoh....

Memang rasa downlah. Hancur hatiku. Tambahan project yg aku buat sekarang and sedang tulis hasilnya adalah kesinambungan dari that study. Macam tak worth pulak kan....Tapi kalau tak submit paper, how are we goin to get input or comment for our research???

Tapi aku just check semula my writing and type comment2 yg aku musykil/tak faham. Then aku forward my comment and the referees report tu to my spv and third author in Adelaide. Cepat jugak co-author balas....

Hi F,

The referee reports are not insurmountable but we must be clear and correct with our response or else the editor is likely to reject the paper.

Logo acik...Dia explain jugak on how to desribe my result and also ask me to be careful with the worded response to the journal....Hopefully that paper will be accepted...

Kalau tak dapat email dari co-author, mau aku kebingungan seharian kan....Dahlah bengang bila download word document dari my uni tak boleh bukak. Habih aku mana ada Moffice. So, kena cari openoffice lah...kena download gak. Then, senja pulak for latex, aku cuba download winedit miktex and winedit and installed to my lappy. BIla compile my project file, alhamdulillah ok....Teringat pulak nak berblog. Nak watermark gambar, so kena download picasa kan....Tapi camna nak tambah item in my figure for the paper correction. Mestilah ada Adobe Illustrator. Tetiba teringat nak tengok movie. Wah nur kasih dah ada. Sekali lagi pun ada...tapi macam bosan sikit pulak. Dah habis, tengok pulak nurkasih, tapi part 1. Macam takde mood nak tgk habis. Then my friend bagitau, pasal 3,21, cinta..romentik komedi i suka...Memang sebab aku kebosanan, still macam tak excited bila tgk....

Tadi, my housemate tolong bawakan my lappy to one of the undegrad student here, buat apa yg patutlah kan.....

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