Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Aku dan Pelangi

Haritu masa godek2 gambar lama@Tassie, tiba-tiba terpandang sesuatu yang pastinya

We had joy
We had fun
We saw rainbow in the drizzling rain
errr...in sunny day too...
owh...halo around the sun  as well...

Rainbow@Cradle Mountain-Day2

Sun Halo-trip from Lauceston To Hobart-Day 3

Rainbow- on the way to Mt Field-Day4

Rainbow -from Mt Cook lookout-Day4


Rainbow -on the way to Berry Shop-Day5

Rainbow-view from Berry Shop Verandah-Day5

Rainbow-view from the shuttle, on the way back to Hobart-Day5

Rainbow@Hobart airport-Day 7

We feel lucky
We feel really special
We feel overwhelmed
We feel trully blessed to witness this amazing phenomena for almost everyday during our one week adventure in Tassie

Subhana-Allah... Maka, nikmat Tuhan kamu yang manakah kamu dustakan?