Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bila si German bengang

This morning, I read news about Sandy Hurricane that some people either Jews Rabbi or Christian pastor associated it as God punishment for supporting same-sex marriage (More info from here). So, I told kanda about that. She said that some people also associated that gay issue with what has happened in Queensland last time. Later she mentioned that Obama supports that gay marriage. At that moment, I just remember that Dr MAZA has posted in his FB wall about Obama won something. Kanda confirmed it that Obama won the election for the second term and he got 4 more years to serve as president. Suddenly she said that she forgot to ask our American housemate whether she vote or not. Then, she said something like
"Owh...She wouldn't care about this election"
Suddenly the german joined the conversation and in the firm voice tone she corrected that assumption
"Yes, she did. She is, actually"

Well that is our kanda hehhehe...likes to make assumption :). Whenever Kanda say something it sound really convincing even though sometimes we know that she is actually unsure or doesn't really know about it. Sometimes, the German obviously did not agree with her and it was fun or sometimes a lil' bit scary watching them arguing where kanda with her sharp tone and the red faced and impatient eyes german tried to talk nicely and control her anger . The best part when the german asked something like 
"How do you know?"
and kanda always knows how to answer it even though sometimes she seems a lil' bit struggling at first hahaha.  Sometimes I didn't just watching, I increased the argument heat by siding one of them hahhahah........Yup, it is better having that conversation rather being like me who just speechless to say anything, pretending not to hear it but later feel irritating to think that how people think/treat me as dumb person that can be easily get fooled or to just nag in my blog

Moral of the story:
1. Jangan pandai-pandai making assumption about other people.
2. Jangan tiba-tiba menyampuk cakap orang.
3. Better be frank
3. That's life in international accommodation :)
4. Tak perlu pun nak diblogkan...opppssssssssssssssssssss

owh..kanda kata eloklah si Romney tu kalah. Khabarnya kalau dia menang, nak serang Iran. Kesian ada, lawak pun ada bila iranian housemate kata nanti manalah dia nak pi kalau iran kena serang...teringat pulak cerita Tom Hanks yang terkandas di airport tuh.

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